Saturday, October 8, 2011


Like a herd of skittish
Buffalo thundering across
The plains
Loins come up and roar
Wall Street
Crashing in flames

Casting one ship out to sea
Hoping it’ll come back
With Three
A storm comes by
Wipes your portfolio

Lifetime sentences
In your coffin like jobs
Called into the Office
How is this done

One Billion People
Starving World Wide
No food in their hands
It’s a Money Crime

Stanfords and Mandoffs
Egypt and Chaldean
Repent thy ways
Or Pay the Sum
Thought he was the All
Ran with the animals
Mind torn and dulled

Where is your science
How about your math
You can’t even predict
Money Markets Wrath

Unemployment Rise
The People they cry
Job Baskets they die
Big Screen TV’s
Start to fry

Thirty Thousand dollars
Bids Buffet Lunch Launch
Families in the Shelters
North Korean Rockets

Pressure to Build Big
Economic Drought
Bring your works to
The Storehouse you louts

Loose the chains of
Untie the cords,
Set the oppressed free
Break every yoke

Share food with the hungry
Provide poor with shelter
See those naked,
Only to clothe them,
Do Not turn away
From the Race

Light will break forth
Like the dawn,
Healing will quickly
Righteousness will go before you,
Glory of God
Will be your rear guard

Call and God will answer
Cry for help, and he will say
Here am I.
If you do away with
The yoke of oppression,
With the pointing finger
Of Angry talk,

Woe for you
If you spend for
Instead of helping
The hungry
Satisfying the needs
Of those oppressed
Light will rise in the darkness,
Night will become like the noonday
Heating Sun

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