Saturday, October 8, 2011

What is the Debt of the Earth

Look at money today. It doesn’t feel, it doesn’t see, nor does it hear. Money doesn’t think. Money doesn’t grow. You can’t leave money on the table and come back 3 weeks later and find more money than you left. We place value on it, so it is valuable to us. People kill over money. In today’s world there is 1 billion people starving. Don’t assume that they starve because there isn’t enough food in the world to feed them all for there is more than enough food for the starving and the full. These starving children and adults, they starve for the simple lack of money to move the food into the hands of the hungry. These hungry people starve because the people who wish to do something don’t have the heart to do anything. Money today forces families into living on the streets. Money is what makes people do bad things. They want money and they steal it, or kill for it, or even do drugs for it. They may fritter it to buy things that require them to spend more money when they plug it in. Some of them buy things they don’t need. Some of these people spend money on 2 hours of entertainment given to them from a Zombie or watching a movie about a Zombie.

Some people spend money on tickets to eat lunch with a man who makes more money than they do, in the false hope that being near this money sorcerer, they will walk away with some of the money power. In some of the cities in today’s Free World people freeze in winter for the lack of money to heat the home. The company they get their heat from has shut them off. These people freeze for the stupid reason of someone else’s greed. Most homes in the free world today don’t come equipped to house a fire inside. Most homes in today’s free world have been built with lack of enough windows for sunlight most homes in today’s free world have been built to require those living in them to spend more money to live in them.

USA will be in debt by 2 trillion dollars at the end of this fiscal year. Companies are declaring bankruptcy from their own debt putting more people out of work. Other country’s are in debt some of them have internal strife over the controlling government. Some of them battle with others over religion. Some of them are homes to the hungry. Take all of this together and ask yourselves, what is the Worlds Deficit?

There is not enough money in the world to fix the world. There is not enough money to help everyone. There therefore should be a burning of money. Money is paper, Money is metal coins, and Money is chunks of plastic that people spend money to have. Money is data shifted back and forth over mass networks of telecommunications. Money is Xibalba.

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